AirPods Pro: Consumer Reports is not completely convinced

AirPods Pro: Consumer Reports is not completely convinced

airpods pro icon isoft.pngIn the United States, everyone knows about Consumer Reports, it is a very well known consumer association that does not hesitate to go down publicly a product that promises to be the best in the market. Without language of wood, the association took the time to test the AirPods Pro to give its opinion on the new high-end wireless earphones of the firm.

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Excellent audio quality, but not the best

According to Consumer Reports, the AirPods Pro have a very good soundHowever, the association says that it is not the best records that it has been able to test until today. After a test on a long hard, the association was not completely convinced new Apple speakers.
Arguing with several statements describing his feelings, share a few bums, there is good in the AirPods Pro!

Like most Bluetooth headphones, AirPods Pro may not be suitable for the most demanding audiophiles. But the significant improvement in sound and features that consumers love about older AirPods should make this model a serious candidate if you're looking for a true pair of wireless headsets.

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the "Transparency" mode

The transparency mode allows the user to cost his music with his AirPods Pro to hear a person who speaks to him close to him. A simple action with the tones makes it possible to render transparent music and easily listen to what's going on around you!

On this brand new mode, Consumer Reports says:

The ear tips can make the impression that your ears are slightly mouthful, even when the earmuff is knocked. But AirPods Pro also have a Transparency mode that uses built-in microphones to intentionally inject sound around you. Apple did not invent this feature, but it works particularly well on AirPods Pro.

The consumer association prefers the Samsung speakers

The people in the association who test the speakers are not "experts" of audiobut rather people who give an opinion, like us during our test! However, according to Consumer Reports, which tested the AirPods Pro, Samsung's wireless headphones are doing better, the Galaxy Buds got a rating of 86 points, when Apple's high-end earphone pair got a rating of 75 points.

The sound quality of the Galaxy Buds of the South Korean glove would be good Suprieure what Apple brings with its AirPods Pro. It must be admitted that the tests of Samsung's headphones found everywhere on the internet confirm the excellent audio quality of Galaxy Buds.