AirPods Pro are ridiculed on social networks

AirPods Pro are ridiculed on social networks

airpods pro iconDecidedly, Twitter and Facebook users are struggling with the changes! After the mockery of the triple photo sensor of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, it is now the design of the AirPods Pro is screwed. It must be admitted that it is a bit peculiar, but far from being ugly or repulsive!

The AirPods Pro, the new trendy subject

Dvoils last night on the Apple Online Store, AirPods Pro have not had the right to their presentation at an Apple Event. However, this does not prevent the new ears of Apple to make the buzz!
More discreet than the AirPods first and second generation, here's what they will give once in your ears:

pro airpods

Of course, when we go to the Apple site, the first picture of the product that is put forward is not this one, but rather a big zoom of the AirPods Pro, which gave ideas to divert from many people…

pro mockery airpods 1

@Amnysphere on Twitter preferring to see a Pokmon rather than the new trendsetters! It must be acknowledged that the resemblance to Chtiflor is striking …

mocking airpods pro 2

After the announcement of the AirPods Pro, the brand Braun has had an advertising like never on Twitter! This photo taken by the Twitter account @wwwCrossShopper, had already been around the world in just a few minutes.

mocking airpods 3

This is probably the most credible mockery. After several months of use, the AirPods Pro may not be very white at some Apple customers … This time it's @thibetian on Twitter, which made us laugh!

airpods pro humor

In the humor section of the AirPods Pro, we also find Jonathan Ive who bought the AirPods 2 this year and seems a little attracted by the new AirPods. The editing is excellent! It was launched by the famous Twitter account @JonyIveParody.

Here are some other examples found in the crowd:

@Nerdromeda found that Mario already had the Airpods Pro in 2002!

mario airpods pro humor

@eliottDsmt think security camra

ridiculous airpods pro twitter

Or the showerheads @oxpaaa!

shower heads airpods pro

Is the design rat on the AirPods Pro?

At iPhoneSoft, we assume that the California firm knows what it does. If the AirPods Pro are born, it is because the design team of Apple validated the novelty! As a reminder, the very first output of AirPods, we had the same reaction on social networks. Many said "it's ugly, it's big and it's too flashy!", In the end today half of the people who said that, finally have AirPods … In addition, the effect cotton- stalk disappeared on the Pro.