AirPods Max: more than 300 euros to change the battery? Apple made a dumpling on its site

The AirPods Max, one of the most expensive active noise canceling hi-fi headphones on the market, got a pretty funny shell on UK site Apple. In the help pages, you could see that the battery change would be charged at 309 Pounds Sterling, or more than 330 euros. Fortunately, this was a typo, since corrected.

AirPods Max Price Replace battery
The price of the battery replacement on the AirPods Max as we could see it a few hours ago on the Apple UK site

Already find AirPods Max too expensive? In a market where the best wireless headphones with active noise reduction are all offered around 300 euros, the price positioning of AirPods Max is surprising. Even though the product does look very good and premium, it doesn’t revolutionize the genre, either in terms of comfort or even functionality (since many headsets have simplified pairing via NFC on Android).

However, as the site The Register reports, Apple scared its UK customers a little by adding the price of AirPods Max repairs to its help pages. We could indeed read until a few hours ago that changing the battery of the AirPods Max would be billed by Apple the modest sum of 309 pounds sterling, or 338 euros. A price all the more surprising that on American sites and European Apple versions, the same repair is offered for a sum of between 75 dollars and 85 euros.

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Obviously, it was a simple mistake : the firm quickly updated the page to replace this somewhat absurd price by the more reasonable sum of £ 75. The funny thing about this story is that since the prices of headphones and Apple products are generally very high, this extreme cost, equivalent to 56% of the price of a new helmet, might not seem so absurd as it sounds.

It remains to be seen after how long most users will really need to replace their headphones’ battery. The author of these lines has personally never had to change the battery of his Sony WH-1000XM3 bought almost two years ago. Autonomy is still, by the way, as exceptional as the first day.

Source: The Register