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AirPods don't like crossing the street

Wireless headphone sales: Apple doubled by Beats, Bose, LG and Sony

airpods apple iphone ipadIn terms of wireless headphones, the AirPods are among the most reliable in a still emerging market.

But Bluetooth technology is far from perfect and if you cross a street listening to music with wireless headphones from Apple (or another brand), you may lose the signal. The Verge has just found the explanation.

Crossing a street … can stop your AirPods

According to journalist Dan Seifert, who has inquired from various manufacturers of wireless headphones, Bluetooth has "need surface to bounce on, like walls or ceilings"."In the middle of a street, far from the wide flat surfaces", Bluetooth therefore had to fulfill its mission badly.

Obviously, all Bluetooth headphones encounter difficulties in crossing 5th avenue New-York or in the Grand Central station for example. Do you know similar places in France?

To read this explanation, you might think that it is phony, since your headphones do not encounter this problem on the beach or in nature for example, but the expert specifies that in these cases, Bluetooth does not have to struggles with other signals to exist.

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