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AirPods dominate sales of wireless headphones, but 2nd generation disappoints

With its AirPods, Apple has struck a big blow in the world of wireless headsets. So much so that, if they were perceived as an accessory of “rich” a few months ago, the AirPods have now invaded the streets and it does not pass a few minutes without meeting someone with white headphones in the ears. At least in the most populated urban areas.

The firm Counterpoint Research, known for monitoring the sales of high-tech equipment, recently unveiled two charters in which we see Apple’s market share happily exceed 50%. The monopoly is not far away. By dwelling on each product, AirPods literally crush the competition. The Samsung galaxy buds, in 2nd position, however, shows an unstoppable delay.

However, Apple launched a second generation a few months ago and … its sales are disappointing. “While sales of the first generation of AirPods were higher than expected thanks to a series of promotions, sales of the new model were lower than expected due to mixed market reactions, “said Counterpoint Research. In total, 17.5 million wireless headphones were sold in the first quarter of 2019, 40% more than last year.