AirPods Case, Iris Engine Image, Touch Bar: Apple trademarks!

AirPods Case, Iris Engine Image, Touch Bar: Apple trademarks!

Apple NewsAfter extensive research, an Irish lawyer has managed to flush out different brands that Apple has filed to ensure that others will not exploit them. These include new names for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iOS 10, the Apple Watch 2 or the MacBook Pro 2016.

Depending on certain expiry dates and logic, we can deduce to what some of these new brands correspond with more or less precision. For the rest, it's only about features (many of which relate to iOS 10) and products that are already familiar to us.

AirPods Case

Apple is expected tomorrow to unveil new Bluetooth EarPods, AirPods as a previous trademark filing we learned earlier already their denomination, and this to the extent that the new iPhone will no longer have jack outlet. A picture of a box with dubious authenticity (justification of the unusual text) even suggested that they could be provided with the iPhone 7 Plus.


The trademark registration concerns here the AirPods Case, the storage case and recharge that should naturally accompany the Bluetooth headset of the California company. Probably something very aesthetic clean design, perhaps a bit like the rather successful Earin brand (or that of Bragi).


Iris Image Engine

It could refer to a mechanism or processing images of the new lens of the iPhone 7 back-up camera and video or the dual purpose of the iPhone 7 Plus, even if the word Iris could prompt us to to make the connection with the recent rumors and analyzes which indicate that the iPhone of 2017 would come equipped with an Iris scanner.

Touch Bar and Smart Button

The Touch Bar should logically designate the new OLED TouchPad of the new MacBook Pro scheduled for October 2016, the touch bar that would replace the function keys at the top of the keyboard to offer new shortcuts depending on applications. The name Smart Button could, for its part, be intended for the key that will have the fingerprint sensor (Touch ID) also expected on the MacBook Pro 2016.

Apple-brand-deposees.jpgapple trademarks filed 2016

Are some of the other brands inspiring you? Among the unknowns, which do you expect to find tonight for the presentation of the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch 2?