AirPods: approaching biometric and health functions?

airpods biometriques brevet apple  - AirPods : des fonctions biométriques et de santé en approche ?

Apple seems to be preparing a more futuristic version of AirPods. At least that’s what patent applications for the apple brand revealed the week behind reveal. The document details wireless earphones with biometric sensors allowing effective monitoring of the shape and health of its user.

Earlier this month, the United States Patent and Trademark Office released three applications (20170078780, 20170078781 and 20170078785) filed by the Cupertino company in September 2015. The three applications are titled “headphones with biometric sensors” and indicate that the tech giant has long considered designing more health-focused wireless headphones.

Apple patented biometric airpods - AirPods: approaching biometric and health functions?These futuristic AirPods would carry a PPG sensor that can also be found in the Apple Watch. This detector is capable of collecting biometric data such as heart rate or even a blood test. The patent application also mentions the use of a VO2 sensor to determine the maximum amount of oxygen used by the user during physical exercise. The headphones will also have EKG and ICG sensors to analyze the electrical activity of the heart.

Released in December, the AirPods met with some success despite supply problems. Biometric functions would further increase their popularity with the public.