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AirPods: a first explosion case in the USA

AirPods: a first explosion case in the USA

AirPods: a first explosion case in the USA – iPhone Soft

airpods apple iphone ipadApple AirPods have been a success since their release with continuously tight stocks. If our opinion on these headers is very positive, not sure that Jason Colon has the same!

Indeed, user of AirPods in Florida, Jason saw a cutter go up in smoke in full swing of sport. Having removed it after the first signs, he experienced a loss of ear since the AirPod subsequently exploded.

explosive airpods

I didn't see the explosion, but he was already smoking when I went to get help! You can see the damage caused on the AirPod. It's the craziest thing I've ever lived.

Obviously, Apple quickly reacted and indicated which was going to investigate to understand what happened. It is our knowledge the first case of this kind, while the iPhones are often mentioned in this section. In most cases, a third-party charger is the cause.


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