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AirPods 2: you need iOS 12.2 to take advantage of all their features


Posted: March 27 2019
Updated: March 26, 2019

by Steve

You are currently using a jailbreak and you have just purchased the AirPods 2 ? Are you looking forward to their delivery? We will cool you down right away: you will need to download the new update fromiOS to take advantage of all the features of the new wireless headphones fromApple. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to Siri !

airpods - AirPods 2: you need iOS 12.2 to take advantage of all their features

The announcement last week of the new AirPods was as unexpected as it was comforting. However, practically none of the rumors put forward by the media (and by us, mea culpa) were true: no cardiac sensor, no new coating better suited to the ear. For all new features, the AirPods 2 provide Siri support via voice control and wireless charging of its case. No need to plug it in via its Lightning port to recharge its battery. Not bad, but at 220 €, 50 € more than the “old” AirPods, it’s a bit expensive.

And it could be even more so for those who do not want to download the new version of iOS, available since yesterday in final version! If you don’t install iOS 12.2, you can say goodbye to “Say Siri” via voice: you will need, as with current AirPods, configure this support to obtain it by tapping twice on one of your headphones. When trying to configure AirPods 2 on an iPhone with iOS 12.1.4, the following message appears: “Some features of this audio accessory require a newer version of iOS”. If you are on jailbreak, you will have to make a choice…