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AirPods 2: a release scheduled for March 29?

If you are a keen reader of World is Small, you probably already know thatApple will hold a conference on March 25. Conference which should focus on apple brand services, such asApple Video (its streaming service) or Apple News Magazine (which promises access to multiple media in exchange for a subscription). But it could also be that the Cupertino company presents its famous new wireless headsets, the AirPods 2.

airpods 2 concept - AirPods 2: a release scheduled for March 29?

According to the website Applesfera, Apple’s new AirPods should indeed be unveiled on March 25, since they will be marketed … on March 29! Yes, you read that right, only 28 days left to wait! The Spanish website claims to have had access to this information by searching the production chain software database. For the moment, no confirmation from Apple obviously, and Applesfera is not particularly recognized for its exclusivities.

That said, another website, Greek this time, also mentions the date of March 29. The article dates from a few weeks ago. Other products are mentioned by various news sites, such as the AirPower, the iPad mini 5 and the iPad 7. In any case, if the AirPods 2 are released within a few weeks, they should be marketed at price of 200 dollars, would be available in black and would have a new coating.