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Airplay update in Apple boxes

Airplay update in Apple boxes

According to The Telegraph, Apple will release a major update to the Airplay system. The manufacturer would prepare a functionality allowing the streaming musical without this time going through Wifi.

The music streaming of the Airplay platform could very soon evolve. If we believe The Telegraph, the new announcement could even land at the same time as the new iPhone. The newspaper, which appears to be well informed, stresses that the functionality should be available on September 12 and could be called Airplay 2.0.

Technically, the user could choose between Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal to stream their music from their iPhone to an audio output platform.

According to the newspaper, this update of the system would make it possible to compensate for the change of dock connector, which is likely to annoy many users who do not necessarily want to buy new infrastructure.

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(Source: 9to5mac)