Airbnb, iPhone X, YouTube-Netflix, Google: the high-tech news of 09/22

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To end this 38th week of the year, we suggest, this Friday, September 22, 2017, to find 4 news high-tech from the news chatbot Freshr ! The subjects concern Airbnb, theiPhone X, Youtube, Google or Htc. Good reading !

freshr logo chatbot messenger - Airbnb, iPhone X, YouTube-Netflix, Google: the high-tech news of 09/22

Airbnb continues to break the codes!

Known for being able to book accommodation almost everywhere in the world, the company adds a string to its bow! In the United States, it is now possible to book restaurants. In partnership with Resy, a restaurant rating and booking app, the service is offered in 16 cities.

IPhone X faces delay

Apple’s latest baby was announced available for pre-order on October 27 and delivered for November 3. However, analyst Christopher Case says production has not started and will be launched in mid-October. In addition, Apple has encountered OLED screen supply issues. Will Apple meet its deadlines? Case to follow!

In 2018, YouTube and Netflix will be taxed!

It’s official, as of January 1, regardless of their nationality, platforms offering paid and free videos will be taxed at 2% on their advertising revenue or subscriptions. The real question is how will the state succeed in taxing services that are not in France? We talk about it here: YouTube, Netflix, PornHub, YouPorn: new tax on January 1, 2018!

Google and HTC, a great story!

Google has just bought part of the assets of HTC. Some employees of the Taiwanese company will join Google teams. The sum of this transaction? “Only” € 1.1 billion! HTC participated in the creation of many Google devices, such as the Pixel 2. The two players therefore officially join forces.