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AirBar makes the MacBook Air screen touch!

Apple will never offer Mac with a touch screen, to the great regret of the followers of this technology. The apple brand made the announcement last October. The latter does not want to imitate competition, in particular Microsoft with his On Facebook. MacBook Air users can rejoice because Neonode will launch soonAirBar, a gadget to touch the screen of their Mac.

airbar macbook air 1024x576 - AirBar makes the MacBook Air screen touch!

How does AirBar work?

The accessory is actually a bar to place below the screen of his MacBook Air. This includes magnets for fixing. Then the bar must be connected to a USB port. The function of the AirBar comes down to simulating the presence of a mouse when the user touches the screen.

A launch in the United States

According to a press release from Neonode, the touchbar should land on Amazon in March, only in the United States. Interested parties will have to pay 99 dollars to get it. For now, the manufacturer has not yet planned a global release.

The MacBook Air is the only Apple laptop compatible with the bar. However, it seems that the latter works on Windows machines. By unveiling its product a few weeks earlier, Neonode had indeed used laptops under this operating system.