Air France provides its pilots in iPad

Air France provides its pilots in iPad

air-France-mobileIn July, we were already talking about Airbus which offered a suite of applications on the App Store to facilitate calculations, or to provide access to flight manuals.

Today, Air France rushes into the breach by distributing an iPad to each of its pilots, according to the Point, to improve the safety of its flights. Prior to this initiative, it took almost a month for an incident on a flight to be communicated to the 4,100 pilots.

"The update is instant as soon as the iPad is within reach of a WiFi terminal. Then an encrypted link is established with the servers of the company while the content loaded in the tablet is also encrypted"explained Sebastien Veigneau, pilot referring to Air France on this project iPad, the magazine.

The drivers will no longer have to select and sort the technical notes in their binder with each start and they can now do without the thick bag (15kg.) That should always accompany them before.

In any case, you do not have to look for these applications on the App Store, since the French airline has been able to create its own virtual shop – PilotStore – thanks to a partnership with Apple. On the other hand, pilots will be able to find applications to send their end-of-flight report or a message indicating an incident more quickly thanks to "Air Safety Report".


For the most attentive of you, France is obviously not the first nation to offer this kind of solutions and it is therefore a foreign driver that we see in this photo.