AI for GIFs, emoji or stickers in conversations

AI for GIFs, emoji or stickers in conversations

For its Gboard keyboard on Android, Google announces something new in the suggestion of GIFs, emoji and stickers to place in a conversation. It can be done with the reinforcement of an artificial intelligence-based functionality.

Google thus continues to spread its applications and services from AI, even in the selection of visual elements to enhance discussions. For the moment, this only concerns English, even if the deployment is global. Other languages ​​will follow later.

The suggestion will be made when typing with the appearance of a GIF icon in the upper left corner of Gboard. In the end, even if Google puts forward a dose of artificial intelligence, it can look like a specialized search engine with keywords.

An interesting point is that it is specified that the suggestions are private for the user, with a processing which is carried out on the device. Therefore, this is a processing that is not delegated to Google's servers and thus of the AI ​​on the device.

Like what … Google can also do it in certain cases. To see if such a type of processing on the device – dear to Apple (machine learning locally on the device) – will be passed on to other AI functionalities.