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After Liam, discover Daisy, Apple’s new recycling robot

Few years ago, Apple presented Liam, an ultra-sophisticated robot that allowed the manufacturer to recycle many elements of the iPhone. A great opportunity for Apple to twist its image of a highly polluting company. Today, Liam is no more and Apple presented Daisy to the public, an even more powerful robot and, obviously, built thanks to the recycling of Liam.

Robot Daisy Apple 1024x685 - After Liam, discover Daisy, the new recycling robot from Apple

Apple wants to reduce its impact on the planet

The electronics and new technologies sector is one of the most polluting in the world, in particular because they consume many rare and precious resources which will eventually run out. Recycling is therefore a major issue and that is why Apple continues to improve its robots.

Thus, Daisy is even more efficient than Liam. It is capable of dismantling up to 200 iPhones per hour and can adapt to nine different models! Its operation is quite simple, since an arm grabs the phone and carries it from one “workstation” to the other so that the most precious elements are removed from it in order to be reused when they can.

The role of robots in the ecological challenge

Few people know, but a powerful industrial robot capable of adapting to all working environments is a great opportunity to reduce the impact of a company and its production on the planet. Why ? Simply because the robot is more precise and faster, it therefore limits waste and saves resources.

Obviously, most industrial robots still need to be supervised by human beings, but their great adaptability to all the needs of an assembly line and their incomparable precision make it possible to save very large quantities of raw materials on l whole production of a company. As they start to recycle more, they become a major weapon for the ecological fight.

Apple is watched by environmental activists

Apple is nonetheless, despite this initiative, one of the most polluting companies in the world. Admittedly, its headquarters is mainly powered by clean energy and the company is trying to reduce the amount of packaging, but that does not prevent the manufacturing processes of electronic parts from being very polluting.

Recycling these parts therefore seems to be the only really effective way of slowing down this pollution. However, many accuse Apple of using it only as a marketing facade to improve the image of the brand. Indeed, on the other hand, Apple continues to try to sell millions of new iPhones every year by releasing a new model that is not always necessary.