after Jet Black / jet black, a Jet White shade?

With the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple has proposed a new Black color to replace the space gray, but also a variation Jet black brilliant arrival a little later but which was logically a great success, although the color is fragile and reveals fingerprints and micro-scratches.

According to the Japanese blog MacOTakara, the Cupertino group could soon offer an additional shade for its iPhone 7/7 Plus with a color Jet white, which would therefore offer a brilliant white on the same principle.

We can always doubt an addition of colors along the way in the cycle of the iPhone 7, even if the iPhone 4 had seen the white color appear several months after the launch.

But in this case, the color had been announced when the model was announced and the delay was only due to production problems, recalls 9to5Mac.

MacOTakara mentions a source among the suppliers of the group but recognizes that its information is not completely reliable, the habit remaining that the new colors are introduced with new models.

So will we see a Jet White shade with the future iPhone 8 in 2017? This would not be impossible, especially since Apple began to offer an Apple Watch with ceramic case giving a glossy white finish.