After confidential sales, Orange promises to give more votes for Djingo

After confidential sales, Orange promises to give more votes for Djingo

Nobody is a dingo from Djingo. The small enclosure connected jointly developed by Orange and Deutsche Telekom was launched without drum or trumpet mid November and it is clear that little was found at the foot of Christmas trees last Christmas. According to unofficial figures, it would have sold a thousand units in France and barely more in Germany. It is likely that Apple has sold more HomePods, that is to say.

Picture: Orange.

Hardcore fans of the Orange assistant can order on the operator's website (149 with an ODR of 50 until February 5) or visit one of its shops. But the enclosure is only sold hard in 80 of the 500 Orange stalls. Under these conditions, difficult to compete with heavyweights like Google or Amazon.

In a statement taken up by AFP, Stphane Richard confirms the modest sales figures. He explains that Djingo has not benefited from any communication campaign: it will start now, the rel commercial launch will be in 2020, we will put the means there.

Orange boss pleads for a little patience, recalling that the operator and his sidekick left with almost five years behind Google and Amazon. He adds that if the challenge is not easy, it has not lower its ambitions. Bravache, Stphane Richard hammers that we can not blame European groups for give up in the face of American gloves and at the same time not be able to do as well when they try things.

Just to insure his arrows, Djingo is still compatible with Alexa. A necessity, since the Orange enclosure has been designed so that subscribers can control the operator's services by voice; for everything else, including more general questions, Alexa takes over.