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Adware among 5% of Google users

The situation becomes critical for Google, the Internet giant thus reporting the fact of having received more than 100,000 complaints from Chrome users pointing the finger at the company to be behind the spread of adware, these spam inject advertising on web pages.

Google Adware A situation that goes beyond the simple squatting of unwanted ads since they also cause network errors, bugs, but they also have a significant impact on browser performance.

Difficult to remove, these adware has recently been brought back into the spotlight with the SuperFish scandal related to laptops sold by Lenovo.

The dissemination of these adware also poses a problem for advertisers and site owners, who see their advertisements replaced by others, as well as Chrome adware corresponding benefits.

The study thus highlights the fact that more than 5% of users of Google services are infected with at least one spam injector. Half of those infected have at least two injectors installed and a third have at least 4 adware on their machines.

The finding is troubling on the side of Chrome: "34% of Chrome ad injection extensions have been classified as simple malware." In total, it would be 192 Chrome extensions that would have cheated users to infect 14 million users.

Google has therefore gone hunting for this type of extension and set up surveillance models to detect malicious extensions. The firm should carry out a big spring cleaning to try to regain the confidence of the users, but also to give a little visibility to its own advertising agencies …