ADSL at $ 7000, welcome to Turkmenistan

ADSL at $ 7000, welcome to Turkmenistan

Image 1: ADSL at $ 7000, welcome to Turkmenistan

In Turkmenistan, to benefit from an Internet connection, one must be rich, very rich. The subscription peaks at nearly $ 7,000 a month. It is one of the most virulent dictatorships of recent decades and to have access to the Internet, you have to prepare the checkbook and write in $ 6,821.05 for a month. At this price, taxes are included. Of course, TurkmenTelekom is the only Internet service provider

Turkmens who can have a 2 Mbits connection. In France, such a connection costs 30 euros… The least well-off have the possibility of subscribing to an offer of 1 Mbits for 3410.53 dollars per month. Finally, the less affluent have a low-cost subscription at 213.16 dollars per month for a prehistoric speed of 64 Kbits.

A 64 Kbits connection limited to 2 GB per month is also available for small grants. There, it will cost 43.12 to the TurkmenTelekom subscriber.

Although the prices are absolutely dictatorial, it should be noted that Turkmenistan is a Republic which only authorized the Internet at home in 2008. The first Turkmen cybercafé dates from 2007. We do not know the price of connection in a such place.