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Adobe scan

A good tool of which you must be aware of some shortcomings. Not very fluid at first, it is however effective in terms of capturing and creating a multi-page document in PDF format and from your smartphone. A unique app of its kind, to test.

Adobe Scan, the first on smartphone scanning?

00DC000008712418-photo-adobe-scan.jpgIf for some years already the giants Microsoft and Evernote, with Office Lens and EverNote respectively, have offered the possibility of carrying out relatively satisfactory document scans thanks to their smartphone, this is a niche on which we were still waiting for Adobe. Specialist in document, recognition (OCR) and image processing, it was indeed logical for the editor to come and put his mark in the game.

It’s finally done with Adobe scan, solution available on Android and iOS and offering to carry out, free of charge, on your smartphone, both the capture of a document, the optimization of it and, if necessary, its edition in PDF format; a little revolution (?) when you know that Lens for example required to return to Word on computer in order to perform handwriting recognition (or OCR).

Adobe Scan, in practice

In concrete terms, it is unfortunately not as simple. Indeed, once downloaded the application you will have to connect to your Adobe account to use it (and therefore, already, that you have one). Once done, you can move on to the capture part.

Adobe scan is supposed to automatically detect the document you are targeting with your phone. Arm yourself with patience and sufficient light. Once the first photo has been taken, the application allows you to add a page to your document, possibly rearrange their order, perform cropping, rotation or change the color treatment.

00DC000008712420-photo-adobe-scan.jpg 00DC000008712422-photo-adobe-scan.jpg
Your document will then be saved by Adobe scan in the Adobe Document Cloud and the text recognition (OCR) performed directly on the phone. This may take a minute depending on the document scanned.

The rest of the operations will take place either via the Acrobat Reader application on your smartphone … or on your computer. In the first case and if you do not have the PDF reader application, you will actually have to download it and still log into your Adobe account. Once this is done do not expect wonders; you can only make annotations (notes, highlighting, underlining, etc.) on your document or text selections (for copying in another app). For the rest, go to computer.

Adobe Scan, gas plant?

At the same time the process is not very fluid, but above all it is not very fast. And although recognition is actually done on the smartphone, it also does not open up incredible editing possibilities.

Convenient to save documents, Adobe scan is therefore not intended for James Bond looking for a quick capture in all conditions. However, it is the only tool capable of assembling a PDF in this way from your smartphone, which is already very good.

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