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Adobe: "Proto" and "Collage" apps available on iPad

Adobe: "Proto" and "Collage" apps available on iPad

Adobe has made two new applications available to iPad users, which have been available on Android for a while. Proto offers you to create prototypes of web pages to test the arrangement of information, while Collage offers you to make collages based on various documents and photos.

Sold just under 10 on the App Store, the “Collage” app allows you to make different montages on the basis of PDF, PSD and photo documents using tools such as lasso, cutting, pen and other buttons traditional actions from the Adobe universe. The app even lets you import content from Creative Cloud, Youtube, Google and Flickr.

For its part, “Proto” offers you, for the same price, to imagine website designs from A Z through an interface specially designed for the creation of drafts. The idea, of course, is to capture the concepts that come to your mind at a specific time in order to be able to reproduce them later… Proto also offers the possibility of benefiting from jQuerry support and the Webkit preview.

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