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Adobe Photoshop Express Android1.3.1

Free, efficient and practical, Adobe photoshop express is a good photo editing and editing solution for Android. While interesting, Facebook sharing features, Twitpic don’t really help on Android. However, the free service can come in handy. In the end, its simplicity of use and its few minimalist tools in sufficient number for a mobile application will satisfy a large audience. Pending a French translation, management of multipoint and the possibility of retouching all the images present in an Androphone, the whole is to be discovered without hesitation!

On Android, all images and photos downloaded from the Internet, transferred from a computer to a removable memory card, created with third-party software or captured from the phone’s camera can be viewed from the “Gallery” application. In addition to displaying images, this application installed by default on Android offers the possibility of sharing them by email, Bluetooth, Facebook, Picasa, Twitter, Dropbox, adapting them as wallpaper, using them as a contact icon. and of course delete them. Unlike “Photo”, the explorer and image manager of Apple’s iOS, “Gallery” also allows you to cut images and quickly rotate left and right. However, the editing functions stop there. To fill this gap and at the same time simplify your life, Clubic invites you to discover the free, efficient and practical solution offered by the Adobe editor for Android!

Adobe photoshop express will allow you to easily edit your photos on Android. With a sober and visual interface, the whole offers quick handling, despite the absence of French translation. At startup, the application will detect all the photos in your Androphone and display them in the form of preview thumbnails. Note that the Android version is lagging behind the iOS version. Indeed, Photoshop Express for Android will only give you access to the “Photo” directories and will not offer you the possibility of taking photos from the application. You can quickly navigate through your photos using this dynamic wall, but also by opening an image and then dragging horizontally on the screen to move from one photo to another. All you have to do is tap on the “Edit” button in pencil form then select the image you want to edit to go to the editing interface.

In the upper bar, we find all the editing tools divided into four menus, from the most classic to the most advanced. The first allows you to crop the image, correct the tilt, rotate 90, 180 and 270 degrees as well as mirror inversion. Via the second button in the colors of the rainbow, it is possible to adjust the exposure, saturation, contrast, apply a uniform hue and switch to black and white. The third button offers a single modular filter called “Soft Focus” allowing you to add a slight impression of artistic blur if necessary. More playful, the fourth button in stars, offers first of all a panel of effects: to increase the intensity of the colors, to carry out an assembly in the spirit of the portrait of Andy Warhol, to create a blur, to slightly age the image, make it shine with rainbow accents, add a fog in color or black and white. Also in the same tab, via the border menu, there is a set of 8 original frames.

The intensity of image correction tools and filters is flexible. Particularly ingenious and suitable for the general public, it suffices to move your finger on the surface of the screen to instantly accentuate or diminish the effect. At any time, you can go back, apply the effect again, but also cancel all the modifications. Also, it’s important to know that Adobe Photoshop Express for Android will never overwrite your original image. You will automatically work on a virtually duplicated image on which you can safely apply your edits.

Not stopping in such a good way, the application will also offer you to transfer the images from your albums, retouched images and photos taken to Facebook, Twitpic, but also the free and practical service of Adobe After a quick registration on the publisher’s site, you can host up to 2 GB of image and video files for free. In addition, you can view the images stored in your albums, download them from the application, share a link to your images by email, but also build your online gallery via a personalized address such as “”.

NB: When the application starts, you will be offered, in English, to authorize the periodic sending of usage data anonymously in order to contribute to the improvement of this free service offered by the publisher Adobe Systems. To indicate your disagreement and instantly deactivate this option, simply press the “Don’t Allow” button.