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Adobe launches its Carousel app for iOS

Adobe launches its Carousel app for iOS

Adobe today launched its new iOS application that lets you edit photos and synchronize them with multiple devices.

Carousel, that's its name, allows Lightroom to edit photos with cropping tools, color balance correction, add a series of effects and synchronize your retouched photos with your different devices.

This is in addition to sharing functions on Facebook, Twitter and Tumbler. Social focus, the application also gives limited access to its library of people selected on the shutter (5 maximum), so that they can add their own images or consult yours within shared albums.

Currently, only the JPEG format is supported, but support for various formats (such as RAW) should soon be available with Lightroom integration and other software designed by Adobe.

The Carousel application can be downloaded for free from the App Store, but its storage and synchronization service is chargeable. Count 4.99 per month or 44.99 per year. However, a 30-day trial offer is offered free of charge.

Download Adobe Carousel on the App Store.

We discuss it on the forum.

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