Adobe: Flash install on 53% of smartphones by 2012

Adobe doesn’t overdo it boast its Flash technology, which the company says is certainly not on the verge of extinction. According to estimates from the San Jos firm, Flash should be installed on more than 250 million smartphones by the end of 2012.

Despite the fact that Adobe can not benefit from a representation of its Flash technology within the Apple iOS platform (which the latter is absolutely over the clock in terms of this technology which considers it as outdated ), the San Jos firm dares to go ahead, believing that its technology will be integrated into 53% of smartphones by this time.

"Maybe we will not go on the iPhone or the iPad but it is clear to see the growth of our Flash technology which is not ready to stop" said Anup Murarka, director of Adobe’s technology strategy, in a Reuters interview.

At present, analysts expect more than 200 million smartphones to be sold in 2010, with almost 10% embedding Flash technology, says a Reuters report.

Flash Player 10.1 will soon be available on Android 2.2 "Froyo" from Google.

Interestingly, Adobe Flash would also next target smartphones running WebOS (Palm / HP) according to this same report.

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