Adobe Flash complies with iOS requirements

Adobe Flash complies with iOS requirements

In the community of millions of iPhone and iPad users, the press release from the firm Adobe, announcing (finally) compatibility with iOS of videos broadcast in Flash, may well delight all those who do not could no longer see themselves rejected by many video producer sites.

It was at the IBC conference currently being held in Amsterdam that Adobe has just released its new products, finally allowing the playback of multimedia content encoded in Flash, on iOS.

Adobe previously announced support for the 2011 NAB Las Vegas show, that it was reviewing its strategy and that it was preparing to support the HLS (“HTTP Live Streaming”) format, fully compatible with the iOS of the firm Apple.

The battle that was going on between the 2 tenors therefore seems to be coming to an end since the firm of San Jos has just made available Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, the use of producers and publishers of multimedia content.

On the side of the mass of users of the iPhone, the iPad or even the iPod touch, nothing will be more like before since it will now be possible to play all the videos in streaming, and encoded in Flash at the origin.

The principle

Content publishers, after checkout (Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5 is sold from $ 4,500), will have to install the new version on their servers. The goal is obviously to make compatible their current production and hosted at home, with the HLS protocol (“HTTP Live Streaming”), implanted natively within version 4.5 of Flash Media Server.

When a mobile device, equipped with an operating system incapable of decoding Flash, connects in order to be able to play a video, the server at the source sends it, by streaming, content converted into the desired format (such as the format HLS which is fully compatible with the Safari browser from the firm Apple and native to the iOS).


The icing on the cake, no negative effect on iDevices such as those listed earlier by Cupertino like draining the battery or a considerable slowdown of the machine (internal processor at full load and losing speed). the conversion work is done at the source, and the mobile client (iPhone, iPad) encodes the same content as that which it already used to read before.

Finally it is good to know that with the current version of the new software Adobe Flash Media Server 4.5, the Apple firm’s devices will be able to display all the Flash encoded videos at source, with the exception (for the moment) of other Flash content, such as games, animations and advertisements.

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