Adele's new music video freaks out on YouTube

Adele's new music video freaks out on YouTube

5COMM wrote:

Bof, I wonder why so much buzz for so little

Because they advertise it's called marketing: we say "The video drives the net crazy !!" in fact it means "I pique your curiosity so that you click on the link and that effectively you contribute to add views on this video". Basically it would never have been as successful if it weren't for this catchphrase it's like the group of three girls .. GSM? GRS? I know more brief they would not have all these views if we had not done advertising for we manipulate you but that's not new I do not blame your mediocrity in terms of reflection simply I would like to lead you to understand that you are only sheep ruled by assholes voila voila

PS: We can pique the curiosity but we can also tickle everyone's go! this is why those who will feel exasperated compared to: "Your mediocrity in term of reflexion" are more likely to be done – forgiveness in advance – EN_TU_BER it’s like I’m telling you “DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU !!” 3/4 of people will do it because that is human nature the others have either a concrete confidence in the person, or they know how to decipher the smallest acts and gestures of all individuals and are thus able to dissociate the true from the false, or they have absolutely nothing to give a damn! but in any case we all take it in the ass

Thank you Best regards