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Fed up with pop-up ads?

AdAway presents itself as an ad blocker for your browsers on smartphones. The majority of browsers are compatible with the application.

How to install it?

Even if the application is not available on Google Play, you can download its .apk package or go through F-Droid, a free app store for Android. But your device will need to be rooted in order to install it.

How does this app work?

Like any ad blocker, the main function ofAdAway is to prevent unwanted redirects while browsing. However, if the application blocks functionalities during your navigation, you can always deactivate it easily at any time.

And what about the interface?

AdAway is easy to handle once installed. You will be able to create a white list for the sites which you approve or on the contrary to create a black list for those which you absolutely wish to block. A filter that can only block a specific type of pop-up can even be created for the advanced user.