Acquired by Fitbit, Pebble Closes Its Doors

Acquired by Fitbit, Pebble Closes Its Doors

Acquired by Fitbit, Pebble closes its doors – iPhone Soft

pebble-old-version ipa iphoneIf you have a Pebble watch, it may soon become a collector's item.

As a rumor recently announced, the manufacturer of semi-smart watches Pebble will close its doors following its acquisition by an indirect competitor Fitbit and its connected bracelets.

40% of Pebble's teams would have received an offer to work at Fitbit (after the dismissal of a quarter of the teams earlier in the year) and the others will have to manage. The buyout would be valued at just $ 40 million.


The Pebble adventure therefore stops despite 2 million copies sold since the launch in 2012. If the devices already sold will continue to operate normally, the after-sales service will no longer be provided by the manufacturer.

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