About 65 million Americans have the Apple TV

About 65 million Americans have the Apple TV

About 65 million Americans have the Apple TV – iPhone Soft

apple-tv ipad iphoneThese data come from the CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners), they provide a glimpse of sales of Apple products that are placed in the category "Other" in the quarterly results of Apple. Recent statistics claim that Apple TV would be a phenomenal success in the United States. At the point where about 23-24% of Americans have one at home!

In front of the AirPods and the Apple Watch

This is Mike Levin of the CIRP unveils information. take into account when even statistics concern that the devices used since early September 2019. These are not the sales statistics!
In any case, we suspect that if there is a high rate of use of Apple TV in the United States, it is that sales have followed behind and have been many.

apple tv v two

In second place, comes the Apple Watch that is used 20% by the Americans since September 2019, then the AirPods. We will notice the position quite inquitante for the HomePod, which can not sell properly. It must be said that in front we have connected speakers with voice assistants much more experienced and who do much more than Siri on the HomePod! It is not really surprising, Apple is late for artificial intelligence.



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