"A5-X" processor could go up to 2 GHz

"A5-X" processor could go up to 2 GHz

Apple’s A5 processor used in the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S will still have a bright future ahead of it. Based on ARM's Cortex-A9 architecture, this technology is now capable of up to 2 GHz.

ARM and Global Foundries have announced the arrival of a 2 GHz version, engraved in 28nm, of its processor based on the Cortex-A9 architecture, while current implementations in 45 nm or 40 nm do not allow it to exceed 1 , 5 GHz, today.

Currently, the Cortex A9 is found in chips like OMAP4 (Texas Instruments, 40 nm and 1.5 GHz), Apple A5 (about 1 GHz and 45 nm), Samsung Exynos (1.2 GHz and 45 nm), the i.MX6 (Freescale, 1.2 GHz and 40 nm) or the Tegra chips from NVIDIA (1.4 GHz and 40 nm). In smartphones, it is generally offered with two cores, but Tegra 3 models (four cores) which were notably announced during the MWC in Barcelona.

This announcement could coincide with the famous name “A5-x” which has been the subject of many rumors for several weeks on the web.

In practice, Apple could continue to use this “optimis” processor in a product like the Apple TV. A processor that would not, however, find its place in the iPad 3. Indeed, the graphics performance of the new tablet will likely require more performance and will therefore require a quad-core processor, such as the A6.

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(Via: Businesswire )