Chips of only 5 nm per TSMC for the iPhone in 2020?

A14: the processor finally in 6 nm for the iPhone 2020?

a14 cpu apple iconTSMC, a Taiwanese company specializing in the manufacture of processors, is none other than the supplier of Apple in the matter. While a few days ago, rumors spoke of a serious A14 chip in 5 nm, it finally seems that the supplier has chosen to bet on 6 nm.

Scheduled for the iPhone 2020, this is a nice little technological advance, although the disappointment of not being able to take advantage of 5 nm is present.


TSMC capable of engraving in 5 nm large scale

TSMC has just officially announced that mass production of serious 6nm chips is possible, in particular thanks to a process of ultraviolet lithography (EUV).

We can therefore imagine that Apple smartphones will be equipped with them in 2020, Apple being the biggest customer of the Tawanese group. For information, the fineness of engraving saves space / size, for a power equal to the previous version.