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A12 Bionic: the most powerful mobile processor on the market?

During the last keynote of the Apple, the latter stated that the chip A12 Bionic, integrated in the three new iPhones, is 15% more powerful than theA11 Bionic while saving up to 50% more energy. Regarding the graphics, Apple has advanced performance up to 50% higher than that of the A11 chip, which equips the iPhone X.

To find out more, the Tom’s Guide site has carried out Geekbench 4 tests in order to have a clear idea concerning the performance of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. We learn that the two iPhones are far ahead of the iPhone X, the OnePlus 6, the Galaxy Note 9, the LG G7 ThinQ and the Galaxy S9 +.

Toms Guide geekbench iphone XS 600x408 - A12 Bionic: the most powerful mobile processor on the market?

With a score of 11,420 points, the iPhone XS ranks above the iPhone X, and the iPhone XS Max does even better, with a score of 11,515 points. The OnePlus is doing worse than the smartphones of the Californian firm with 9,088 points. Note 9 reached 8,876 points and S9 + 8,295 points. The American company was therefore able to produce an outstanding processor.

From this test, we can say that the A12 Bionic is the most powerful mobile processor on the market. As a reminder, it is capable of performing 5 trillion operations per second, against 600 billion “only” for the A11 chip.