A Wi-Fi bus equipped by Orange

A Wi-Fi bus equipped by Orange

Image 1: A Wi-Fi bus equipped by Orange

The bus line between Mante-la-Jolie and La DĂ©fense, the A14 Express, is equipped with Wi-Fi. This Ile de France line serves as a test line. This Orange Business and Veolia initiative is intended to increase passenger comfort.

Impossible to surf the web

It will not be possible to browse the Internet as we see fit with your laptop. As our colleagues from Tom’s Hardware explain, this would require a 3G connection, but this wireless Internet network is not capable of supporting the simultaneous access of all travelers on a bus.

Selected services

Also, users of the A14 Express line will only have a few services including a news feed, a line map, traffic info, video on demand as well as a GPS location system to track the advanced bus in real time. Enough to enhance the 15 to 60 minutes that passengers can spend on this bus which handles 1.8 million travelers per year.