a WatchOS update to correct 4G grip issues

a WatchOS update to correct 4G grip issues

After launching the new versions of its various platforms, Apple is making adjustments to correct small flaws in its youth. iOS 11 has already had two minor updates (iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.0.2) to eliminate some of the small problems noted by users.

The platform watchOS has also been adjusted with a watchOS 4.0.1 version which must put an end to a malfunction encountered by the first testers of the connected watch Apple Watch Series 3 with 4G modem.

Apple Watch Series 3 4G

They noted that the smartwatch had difficulty hooking up to the 4G mobile network when it left the bubble of usual WiFi connectivity and the link with its companion iPhone.

Apple Watch Series 3

The watch was trying to connect to nearby unknown WiFi networks rather than switching to the 4G mobile network. This inconsistency of operation, recognized by Apple even before the effective marketing of the connected watch, therefore in principle finds a solution with the update watchOS 4.0.1.

And already on the horizon watchOS 4.1, currently in beta version, new features such as streaming via the cellular network of streams from the Apple Music service or the arrival of a new Radio application.