a visible count lil naked for a few days

a visible count lil naked for a few days

Comet C / 2014 Q2 is currently crossing our sky, at a distance that allows it to be observed with the naked eye, without any specific equipment.

Comet Lovejoy Nicknamed Lovejoy, named after the Australian who discovered her last year, she appears as a small gray spot leaving a tiny streak behind her in the night sky. It should not be more than 73 million kilometers from Earth. Therefore, it will be visible mainly from areas of the globe very little polluted by the light of cities and in clear weather.

Obviously, the show will only be more interesting if you are equipped with a small telescope or a pair of binoculars, under these conditions, you will be able to observe its intense green glow.

Currently located in the constellation Taurus, it should be visible in that of Aries from January 16. Mainly made up of ice and dust, it orbits the Sun, but you will have to take your chance if you want to see LoveJoy with your eyes, indeed, the comet will no longer be observable from Earth before 8000 years.

If you want to know where to look tonight to try to see the comet, there are various Android or iOS applications that allow you to directly point its position to the sky. Otherwise, the Sky and Telescope website offers a detailed map of the stars to follow their trajectory.

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