A video compares the iPhone 11 Pro and the first iPhone

A video compares the iPhone 11 Pro and the first iPhone

iPhoneA bit of humor to complete this week of work: the YouTuber MKBHD has made the comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone first name. A game lost in advance, but the opportunity to have a glimpse of the work and the path traveled by Apple.

It is not a surprise to see the last n of the Apple exceed by far its ain, and at the same time, 12 years separate the two devices.

For having the chance to own the first phone from Apple, it is with a semi-nostalgia that I looked at this video:

A video compares the 2007 iPhone Edg and the iPhone 11 Pro

While it usually opposes the latest devices like the Pixel 4 or even real cameras, this time the iPhone 11 Pro faces a particular opponent.

Indeed, the YouTuber MKBHD puts it face his big ain, the original iPhone Edge dating from 2007! The opportunity to remember the 3.5 inch screen and the metal chassis (the most beautiful for me) and its black band in the lower back.

One of the most interesting parts of the video is the comparison of the two cameras and quite crazy, although the original iPhone remains credible in some of his clichs.

What do you think of the video?

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