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A touch screen for Macbook at $ 1, it's possible!

A touch screen for Macbook at $ 1, it's possible!

icon macbook 2016We had already mentioned projects / accessories to make the touch of the screen of a Macbook but never a ridiculous price.

It is indeed a POC (proof-of-concept) that we made of MIT students, Anish Athalye in mind. For $ 1 of equipment, they simply adapted a mirror to the Macbook webcam and then developed a small algorithm to detect a finger and its position on the screen via a matrix that correlates the two.

sistine macbook touch screen

An almost free hack to make your Mac tactile

With a little tape and a bit of mirror, they managed to do what so many people ask Apple today: a mix between iPad and Macbook.

If you want to do it, go to the project site and install the Sistine software, low on the OpenCV library.

Obviously, it is not perfect but it has the merit of being a good starting point for any hacker and / or developer wanting to go further.

touch debug macbook