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A third of iPhone users ready to pay 600 euros more for a foldable model


Posted: August 7, 2019
Updated: August 7, 2019

by Steve

Critics of the apple brand often insult users ofiPhone of pigeons. It must be said that at the exit of each model, a milestone is crossed: from 500 euros, the price of iPhone rose to more than 1000 euros in just a few years. Imagine the money spent if a user changes the iPhone every year to be at the cutting edge of technology. But obviously, this price could very well be exceeded. At least that’s what reports UBS, who did a little survey whose results don’t even shock.

There are many rumors that a foldable iPhone is in the works, to compete with the next mobile phone revolution. Yes Huawei and Samsung are already on the starting blocks, it is Apple’s entry into the race that could tip innovation into another universe. UBS therefore asked if iPhone users were interested in a foldable model.

The answer is obviously yes, with 35% of users saying yes, if only the price hike did not exceed $ 600. In other words, if an iPhone cost no more than 1600 euros. Which is already huge. A large fraction of the panel would still prefer to pay less (between 400 and 500 dollars maximum). Recall that Huawei’s Mate X costs $ 2,000.