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A supreme smartphone by Nokia and Meizu

As agreed when selling its Lumia brand to Microsoft, Nokia is not allowed to sell smartphones in its name until 2016, in other words, until next year. The fact remains that he can perfectly design models for other manufacturers. And that’s what we’re talking about today.

Rumors indeed evoke a supreme smartphone which would be the fruit of a collaboration between the Chinese manufacturer Meizu and the Finnish manufacturer Nokia. The second could then bring its leg to the level of services, with renowned tools such as mapping Here Maps, or at the hardware level, with technologies like the sensor PureView which benefits in particular the Lumia 1020.

Meizu logo Nokia logo

Some thus expect a special version of the MX4 Pro smartphone still equipped with the Samsung Exynos SoC, but spoiled in addition to the PureView 41 Megapixel sensor already present on the Lumia 1020. Others simply suggest that this PureView 41 Megapixel sensor would board the MX5 model. It is not the first time that the subject has been put on the table.