A standalone Apple Watch and induction charging! [+ iPhone 8]

A standalone Apple Watch and induction charging! [+ iPhone 8]

apple watch 3 iconFollowing a small road trip In Asia, our contact Christopher Rolland tells us more this week about the predictions on the future of the products of the giant of Cupertino.

Indeed, a little tour near the Apple supply chains, it helps to see more clearly and in particular the Apple Watch 3.

Apple Watch 3

The analyst notably expects an Apple Watch with an on-board SIM card very soon, thus allowing the watch to have better autonomy by taking advantage of LTE connectivity.

Apple could similarly take advantage of this opportunity to encourage owners of head watches to equip themselves with a pair of wireless headphones made in Apple, the famous AirPods. The goal is to listen to Spotify and Apple Music playlists, or to make calls directly from headphones using an Apple Watch now connected to the cellular network, all without a smartphone.

apple watch airpods

What about the iPhone?

Mr. Rolland would also have heard some confidences on the iPhone expected at the end of this year. No surprise, he confirms that these would be three in number and would all have a system that allows induction charging. The chargers are said to be manufactured from Foxconn and Pegatron. However, do not expect a recharge as fast as with your good old Lightning cable, because there is a lot of energy loss with an induction charging system and so it will take you about three hours to achieve a full recharge of your favorite apple smartphone.

powermatwirelesscesjan 09

The analyst also reveals that the Cupertino giant is seriously considering removing its Lightning connector next year, to replace it with a hybrid between Lightning and USB-C, combining the strengths of these two technologies. Too bad we would have seen a USB-C standard even if we know that the apple is not known to make the standard.

lightning connector cable vs usb type c 5

And you then, an opinion on these new technologies? We're waiting for your comments