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A solution to remove Activation Lock from your iPhone

activation lock 02 A solution to remove Activation Lock from your iPhone

Activation Lock is a security feature developed by Apple and launched at the same time as iOS 7. Its purpose is mainly to serve as an anti-theft device for your iPhone, by preventing it from being reactivated when it is lost or stolen.

As a result, your stolen or lost iPhone cannot be activated and sold on the second-hand market. To do this, Activation Lock links the activation of your device to your iCloud account.

But, ChronicUnlocks has just implemented a new smart unlocking service that allows iPhone users to remove Apple’s security feature if they wish.

ChronicUnlocks says its service will not remove Activation Lock from devices that are in “Lost Mode”, a function of the “Find My iPhone” application that Apple recommends activating when your device is lost or stolen. What ChronicUnlocks does not tell us however, this is how his service is able to detect a stolen device for which the function has not been activated.

The service is available for $ 150.

What do you think of the ChronicUnlocks solution?

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