a social plan and maybe a resale

a social plan and maybe a resale

In November 2014, we learned that Sony intended to restructure, notably by abandoning smartphone industry. The Japanese giant then indicated that he wanted to continue the adventure, prioritizing profitability compared to market share. Difficult indeed to face competitors like Apple, Samsung and the young but very ambitious Xiaomi.

Today’s news, which was expected by March 2015, points to activity that is now less important to the Asian juggernaut. While the matter is to be formalized on February 2, the Reuters news agency would have heard of a serious cut in the workforce of the Sony smartphone branch.

Sony Xperia Z3 02 The Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone (click to enlarge)

The social plan concerned no less than 1,000 positions, mainly in China and Europe. It would be spread out until March 2016, with the key being a smartphone division whose workforce will have been reduced by 30% compared to today.

It is also rumored that other tracks would be considered by Sony, like a joint venture as in the days of Sony-Ericsson or a outright sale.