a smartwatch application to control your distance vehicle

a smartwatch application to control your distance vehicle

The car manufacturer Hyundai will soon unveil a mobile application dedicated to connected watches that will partially control some of its cars.

Hyundai Smartwatch Increasingly equipped with electronics, vehicles are also always more communicative. And Hyundai wants to make its contribution to the building by grafting some features of this kind on its next models.

It is therefore a question of an application compatible with smartphones, but also with smartwatches, which will allow access to some of the vehicle's features. Called Blue Link, the application will however require both a smartphone and a connected watch.

The app will allow you to turn on the ignition, turn the engine on or off, make headlight calls, unlock or lock the passenger compartment, blow the horn, all remotely from the screen of the smartphone or associated smartwatch .

The commands will be offered according to a set of boxes displayed on the screen, but the user can also launch them from an associated voice command.

For now, Hyundai has indicated that the functionality will be compatible with the 2015 models of the Genesis, Sonata and Azera. Compatible connected watches will mainly be devices operating on Android and marketed by Samsung, Motorola, LG or Sony.