a smart drone with two brains

a smart drone with two brains

3D Robotics is one of those companies that want to give new impetus to flying drones, by offering more modular solutions that are aimed at both beginners and curious or professional users.

3D robotics Solo The firm has just presented its Solo drone, a response to the announced release of the DJI Phantom 3 which largely occupies sales of video capture drones geared towards semi-pros and professionals.

But where the new model of Dji embeds its own camera, the Solo remains in the assembly capable of accommodating a GoPro.

Another interesting point of the drone, it is presented as the first intelligent drone, and to do this, it takes on two brains. The drone thus embarks its own 3D robotics Solo 1 microprocessor associated with sensors to constitute its own calculation unit. Clocked at 1 GHz, the processors run a Linux environment (the second is located in the command module).

Thanks to these calculation units, the drone is able to perform complex tasks and manage a large part of the flight alone (stabilization, trajectory correction, following a predefined course, tracking a target or the user, return to a point X programmed according to the estimated remaining autonomy …)

3D robotics Solo 2 The drone can also directly control the camera, or conversely, perform a lap defined by the user, who will only have to focus on shooting without worrying about the flight controls.

The video stream can be sent live to a tablet or smartphone which can be positioned on a support attached to the controls. An Android application allows you to access various parameters of the drone and make the settings.

The price of this smart drone should however put off more than one: 999 dollars without camera, and 1400 dollars for the drone associated with a GoPro and a camera stabilizer.