a site to correct errors with the administration

a site to correct errors with the administration

If the government has undertaken, for several years, a simplification of the procedures of the citizens and a digitization of the tools, it happens to make errors in the documents of correspondence with the state services or to find themselves little or badly informed of the procedures to realize … The Oups.gouv.fr site aims to correct the situation and grant a "right to make mistakes in good faith".

Oops Gouv

Unfortunately, the site arrives just for the end of the income tax reporting period … Or a rather ironic timing even though the Tax site has recorded some setbacks following peaks of attendance at the last moment.

Oops so should "clarify the rules and grant users a right to make mistakes in good faith" and presents itself as an information site. Data is thus collected depending on the case, for example, the site will provide "the right links to check housing aid and to regularize everything vis-à-vis the Caf or the tax administration" in case of moving. The declaration of childcare costs regularly turns into a headache for parents, again special sheets will help users "to make it clear and educational".

The site thus identifies "hundreds of common errors" associated with the links and administrative procedures to correct the situation, and for each key stage in the life of French people: from the birth of a child to marriage, including moving in, separation or death. Note also that some components are aimed at companies.

Oups.gouv.fr also aims to play down sometimes complex situations by insisting that even in the event of error, no penalty will be provided "as long as it is in good faith".