A site that helps you know the name of the movie by writing a description or whatever else you can remember

What good is technology if it cannot meet the small needs of its users? Rightly so, we are seeing more and more solutions that make life easier. This is the status of the site we are talking about today, called whatismymovie.com

whatismymovie: a platform that allows users to find the names of the movies they are looking for. This search engine depends not only on the names of the actors, but also on objects, places and anything that can distinguish the film from each other.

Many times you have a movie name on the tip of your tongue, but you can’t remember it. Now this site can take the things you remember about the movie and use it to find whatever name you think of.

This platform or search engine was developed by Finnish Startup, a company founded by researchers and computer engineers from the University of Oulu, Finland

“We aspire to create a new descriptive method for searching for video content,” the team said on its website. Our technology understands the content of the videos themselves. From text to pattern recognition, we access data that couldn’t be searchable in the past.

“Whatismymovie.com was developed by the technology team at Valossa which has its roots in computer science and engineering research conducted at the University of Oulu. We have extensive research experience in automatic content recognition and video data analysis. The demos on this site have been developed for research and demonstration purposes. For this industry, Deep Content technology has been tested with broadcasters for television content. “

NB: research must be done in English.

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The group’s Deep Content technology analyzes video content in a way that traditional search engines cannot and uses this data to provide excellent matches even when the search terms presented are very vague. With Valossa technology delving into the video content itself, you can even use quotes to find The movie you’re looking for.