A simple hack improves the sound of AirPods

A simple hack improves the sound of AirPods

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airpods apple iphone ipadA Youtuber made a worthy demonstration of McGiver recently in a video, to improve the sound offered by Apple AirPods.

Highlight of his presentation, everyone can easily reproduce it at home after a few online purchases, to durably improve the audio of these headphones, yet already very successful overall.

airpods hack bass sound

improve the sound of your airpods with this hack

The idea is devilishly simple and effective according to several accounts. You just need to buy foam earbuds for a few euros on Amazon, before drilling the necessary holes for the proper functioning of wireless headphones.

According to several testers, this mainly improves the bass, while better isolating external noise and offering a little more effective support in the ears.

It's far from perfect and automatic pausing when removing a headset can be disrupted, but the experience seems to be worth the cost nonetheless.