a second really dedicated under the era Steve Jobs

If he succeeded Steve Jobs at the head of Apple, Tim cook would also have liked to help the one whose second was to live longer. This is all that the book reveals "Becoming Steve Jobs" co-written by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli and to be published in late March.

In January 2009, Tim Cook would have indeed proposed to Steve Jobs, then suffering from pancreatic cancer, who will also prevail two years later, a part of his liver. It turns out that the two men were compatible, because sharing the same rare blood group.

It was then that Tim Cook was subjected to one of the rare blowers towards him on the part of Steve Jobs (during the thirteen of collaboration) and that he would have especially received a not categorical from his boss. And this, despite the presentation of a positive medical report.


If he is not sure that the transplant in question would have changed anything, knowing that Steve Jobs benefited from another transplant in 2009 and that this did not prevent him from dying shortly afterwards, a true devotion from Tim Cook, both to his business and to his boss at the time.

Proof that despite a dirty character recognized by his personal and professional entourage, the ex-guru of the apple firm had a certain sympathy capital. This was confirmed by the great emotion when the man died.