a Samsung patent describes a notch stretched on both sides

a Samsung patent describes a notch stretched on both sides

The phablet Galaxy Note 4 was launched at IFA 2014 alongside a variant Galaxy Note Edge with a display stretching to one of the edges, thanks to the new possibilities of flexible screens.

It will probably not be very long before the Korean giant unveils a device whose screen would stretch on the two side edges and maybe it's a Galaxy S6 Edge derived from its next benchmark smartphone which could be the ideal candidate.

Samsung patent tranche screen

If its existence remains questionable, a patent obtained by the Korean manufacturer and highlighted by the site Patently mobile describes a smartphone whose display stretches over the edges and to the back. The additional display allows notifications to appear even when the smartphone is placed on the screen.

It remains a general patent describing a concept which will not necessarily be applied, or which will not be before the technologies are really available. It nevertheless gives an idea of ​​the general direction that Samsung could take for these future terminals, breaking away from the traditional black rectangle and its flat slab which remains the archetype of the smartphone currently.